Here We Go!





Thank you for coming. I am grateful and even humbled that you consider my rants and rambles worth your time. Starting a blog is something I have thought about doing many times but I never really got around to it because despite having a lot I wanted to say, I felt like the words and how to say them were not yet fully formed. I did notice recently, though, that I was ranting and rambling more than usual on my Facebook, to the chagrin of many of my friends I am sure. I could not keep the words in any more. They were pouring out of me. So to protect the innocent from becoming collateral damage, I’m going to give this a go.




First, a few ground rules. This is a space where I will attempt to engage women, particularly African women in discourse and debate about the issues that affect us. The views expressed here are mine and mine alone. The are not representative of my family, any school I attend or place of employment, or anything else that I am affiliated to. 



This blog has no religious affiliation. None whatsoever. I understand that many of my friends and readers are devoted Christians so if I will be posting about something they might construe as offensive I will put a disclaimer at the top.



I make a promise to be polite and respectful as much as is possible. Please do note, however, that I am given to ranting and I have been known to use profanity (some things NEED F-bombs, I’m sorry). Also, I will be discussing controversial issues and tempers are bound to rise. The blog is not called Find Palava Woman for nothing. I’ll only ask that we stay respectful of each others opinions.


I will be speaking in a combination of French, English and Pidgin English. Might even throw in some local Cameroonian languages. I’ll translate.



My posts are inspired by the world around me, the conversations I have and the things I see. This blog is basically your all access card into my head. Be warned. It’s a dark, dark place (…especially when the red river flows). That being said, some of you might recognize yourselves in things I write. I will be paranoid about privacy. I understand some of you do not care to share your business with the world, as I apparently do.



Some things I say would easily be construed as me being judgmental. I will always try to examine things from both sides,but this blog is about my take on these issues. I am not a perfect human being, but I don’t have to be perfect  to be able to speak critically about what I perceive to be problematic. Even Nelson Mandela had his issues.



OK. Enough disclaimers. We’ll figure this out as we go along. I fervently hope this becomes a space where we can speak honestly as friends, sisters, mothers and daughters. A place where we can tell our stories, inspire each other, challenge each other to greatness and above all find the inner strength to carve our own destinies.



I’ll leave you with this beautiful poem, whose author wishes to remain unknown.



Hearing the whispers of the wind
Feeling it’s twists and turns
Wondering what path it will take next
I stand at the precipice of a time unknown
Inching closer, lifting my eyes
Catching a glimpse of its zenith
Embracing the dancing wind
Meandering, slippery, always flowing
Inhaling an aura of a time unknown
Sweet melodies, dainty caresses
Almost deciphering
Messages from the depths of that time
Walking from the wind
Into the sunny garden
Where the birds chirp 
Where the River flows
Where the wind still blows
But this time, sweet aromas to my face.