Affaire à Suivre

We finally get to hear Dencia’s side in all this wahala  her product has caused (When she’s not cussin’ it out on Twitter that is…) The journalist in me is obliged to present all the sides to the story, no be so?

Read Interview Here

She’s not a dumb girl as some people seem to think. I think she has business acumen. I also, however, think she came across as defensive and a tad unaware of the implications both psycho-social and medical  of such a product . And that name…. just WHY???.

What are your thoughts, peeps? Do the explanations behind the motivations for her product make sense? As African women who know that quite often, taking care of blemishes is the least of the uses skin lighteners are put to, can we accept this explanation? Where should the issue be tackled? At the level of demand or at the level of supply?This is an issue that affects us. This is our story. She is one of us. Let’s tell it together.

Now since we are all classy ladies and gentlemen, I’ll ask that we keep responses polite and respectful of the lady, no matter how much we might disagree with her viewpoints.

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One thought on “Affaire à Suivre

  1. Well I happened to be following the shenanigans when the verbal attacks on Lupita Nyongo'o and others were going on from Dencia's Twitter account. Honestly, I was embarrassed for Dencia because she did indeed come off as being ignorant and inarticulate, while Lupita handled the situation with a lot of class. Moving on… I agree with you on Dencia seeming defensive on the issue. Maybe she did mean well when she came up with the product and if it is doing well on the market, that's great! I'm happy for her and her business ventures. However if you are going to clarify a misconception, please do your best to keep your cool and stay on the subject. I really got so irritated reading the interview because toward the end she just came off as being narcissistic and arrogant. If a person's motives for an endeavor are noble, but the execution is flawed, nobody appreciates it!


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