They Want Cosh We Sometime Them, We Hand Dey Dey

Imagine my shock when the story came up on my Facebook news feed that George Zimmerman of Trayvon Martin infamy is set to be in a “celebrity” boxing match with DMX. I was sure some one was playing a prank so like all good news watching Africans, I went to CNN to check if there was any veracity to the story and sure enough, it is true.  It’s supposed to happen sometime in the near future. March 1st I believe. This is real life, people. I’m literally losing my mind up in here. 

So, Zimmerman is now being afforded “celebrity” status. A man whose claim to fame is to have apprehended a 17 year old black kid because he looked suspicious and then proceeded to shoot and kill the kid when he dared to defend himself [And before anyone starts talking about Trayvon’s suspensions and other misbehavior, let’s not forget that this is America where teenagers are allowed to act out, rebel, engage in experimentation with drugs and crime and be forgiven or have it covered up by friends and family because they’re teenagers. Unless you’re a black teenager that is…]

Zimmerman shot this kid partially as a result of racial profiling which sets up the black men as violent thugs to be apprehended on sight – a stereotype not helped by the scores of young black men who deliberately choose the path of violence and destruction. Young men who, although likely not in the majority when considering the black male population in the US, have come to be representative of not just black men but black people as a whole. And now we have DMX, a black man, known druggie, ex-convict, who in order to have been selected for this fight had to have emailed a request to participate and apparently has vowed to beat the living shit out of Zimmerman. 

They want cosh we sometime them we hand dey dey. 

What. The. Fuck. 

Trayvon Martin will have been 19 years old today. Goodness knows what path his life will have taken. Maybe a good one, maybe a bad one, but the tragedy is that we will never know. It’s insulting enough that the promoter announced this on Trayvon’s birthday, what kills my soul is that a black person is involved in this. Now, don’t get me wrong. Black people, DMX inclusive, are not perfect. We are prone to dumbfoolery too. We have our issues which are independent of the establishment that has put us at the bottom of the pile. I hate the overcompensating that black people in America have to do on a regular basis to get by. I don’t care for the fact that we have to prove ourselves to complete strangers who have nothing to suspect us of except the color of our skin. I resent the fact that we are not allowed to be the imperfect human beings that we are and every one else is  because it indicts our whole race in the eyes of society, when we are anything but perfect. But, we as a collective, can definitely do better than this.

I sey they want cosh we sometime them we hand dey dey.

I have no thoughts on Zimmerman because as far as I am concerned he will live in the prison of knowledge of what he did for the rest of his life. I am disgusted with DMX. Not that I expect a whole lot from what now passes for the hip/hop-rap culture that has spurned the likes of him and Chris Brown and all the other black “celebrities” by whose lives and choices all black people in America seem to be judged. Seriously? This is how he chooses to honor Trayvon’s memory? By becoming the thuggish black man Trayvon was suspected of being and killed for?

Zimmerman choosing to make an even bigger spectacle of himself does not in any way justify the involvement of any other person, talk less of a black man. No one needs to be fighting for Trayvon now. When it mattered he fought alone and he died alone. The people outraged at Zimmerman should not forget that this fight will not be happening if another person hadn’t volunteered to be a part of it. Another person who just happens to be a black man and a pretty close approximation of the kind of black man you don’t want running around your neighborhood.

This is what Al Sharpton had to say:

“We must be very careful not to glorify or in any way sidestep the implications of making someone whose only claim to fame was killing an unarmed young man named Trayvon Martin into a cultural celebrity or hero. He has the right to pursue whatever he wants in life, yet we also have the obligation to be discerning about who we lift and to what level. It is perfectly legal for him to exploit his fame but we should never forget what he is famous for and not behave like he is a celebrity based on gifts or talent or contributions to society. I am concerned about the precedent that it sets.”

Well said, sir. Well said, indeed. Except you apparently failed to address the fact that Zimmerman will be fighting against a black man. A black man who VOLUNTEERED to join him in his delusional quest for goodness knows what. A black man of some celebrity himself who is doing nothing to honor the memory of his fallen black brother except give the person who killed him exactly the attention he is desperately seeking.  A black man who is not exactly a credit to black society as of right now with his multiple arrests, drug use, illegal weapons possesion and incarceration and financial woes despite being a big name rapper.

If DMX wants to fight for Trayvon, let him address the parts of rap culture that glorify violence and deviance. Let him clean up his hot mess of a life and stand up as one of the desperately needed examples that young black men can look up to. The black community should be seriously getting on DMX’s case right now. He should be shamed into backing off from this travesty. Non black people doing stupid things  is not an excuse for black people to pursue dumbassery. Talk about Black Rednecks and White Liberals. 

So he beats the shit out of Zimmerman. So what? Another black man engaged in an act of violence. Nothing new. We see that on the news every evening. We are reminded of it everyday. 

Ish sef. Ma neck.

By the way you can sign a petition to shut this rubbish down. Click Here To Sign

For my non pidgin speaking readers:

They want cosh we sometime them , we hand dey dey >  Sometimes when they insult us, we make it easy for them.

Ish sef > “Ugh”
Ma neck >  “Grrrrrrrrrrr”

Together,  they are an expression of disgust and frustration.

6 thoughts on “They Want Cosh We Sometime Them, We Hand Dey Dey

  1. lol Pretty, I think I will like this blog.

    What I'm wondering is, what happens if Zimmerman beats up DMX? DMX is himself trying to ride the coattails of Zimmerman's infamy. And all of this is feeding off the tragic, painful loss of a son by a family. It makes me sick to my stomach. I'm off to sign that petition.


  2. in other news…abeg reposition dat 'sign out' button for down here ya. I keep signing myself out and in and losing my comment. urgh.


  3. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how either of them could possibly think this is a good idea. And Floyd Mayweather Sr. apparently has signed up to referee the match. I tire.

    Mami, forgive this JJC blogger oh! When I figure out how to move the button I will do it! LOL!


  4. I would never have translated that phrase like that! Good job Pretty!
    I hear the match has been cancelled. phew, that was close. Ayuk speaks my mind, what if in fact Zimmerman gave DMX a good whooping??? SMH


  5. Lmao only you! And I wish it would stop making me prove i'm not a robot.


  6. Honestly I couldn't have been bothered with that foolishness. Who the heck does GZ think he is to even ACCEPT such an invitation?! So to this date, I don't know if the fight happened or not. I was just so disgusted by the flying jist!


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