Rant Break: Samuel L. Jackson Looks Like Laurence Fishburne?

I’m not sure why anyone will confuse Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne, but apparently Sam Rubin is not the only one to have made that gaffe. If reader comments are to be believed, they DO look alike. I was shocked by the number of people who said they have actually met either of these men in person and mixed them up.

Wuna helep me.

Na the broking teeth? Or na the occasional corobo wey dem two di wear? This one pass me.

Anyway, the thing that has me a little miffed is the fact that Mr. Jackson is being criticized and called an egomaniac for setting the award winning entertainment reporter straight after he mixed them up. Watch the interview below.

To the people saying SLJ is an egomaniac or a jerk or that he overreacted. I beg to differ.

First of all, this could have gone a lot worse. I mean, SLJ could have cussed him out, could have thrown a hissy fit and stormed off set. He  is an actor and other big name actors have done worse with less provocation. He did none of the above. He took the opportunity to scold the man, using biting humor and heavy doses of sarcasm for an error which is way beneath a journalist of Sam Rubins calibre.  This is an award-winning journalist for crying out loud. Is it too much to ask that he knows who the heck he’s talking to? If this had been a black journalist who mistook, I don’t know, Sandra Oh for Lucy Liu, we likely would have been hearing a completely different story on social media. Conversations about professional standards and a lack of excellence.

SLJ did have a commercial that ran in the Superbowl but , that commercial is NOT what Sam Rubin was referring to because he immediately started apologizing when SLJ asked him  what commercial he was talking about. In my experience, innocent people do not apologize. Innocent people will likely  look back at you wondering how come you do not know what commercials you have been in.

Are other  big name actors mixed up too? Sure. Al Pacino and Robert deNiro. Amy Adams and Isla Fisher…

Click here for more

 These people actually look like each other folks….

Would they be annoyed if they were persistently mixed up for each other? I bet they would. Would they be more than a little miffed if a reporter of some import mixed them up with someone else? I’ll bet you all my worldly possessions they would.

SLJ has every right to be annoyed. Whether or not he’s a good actor is a matter of opinion but he’s respected enough in his field to have risen to the top. He deserves respect and recognition, especially at an interview on live television where they are supposed to be promoting his movie.

Click Here for SLJ’s Awards and Nominations

To be confused with another big name actor on the street by some hapless fan is one thing. To be confused with another big name actor by some one who is supposedly one of the better entertainment reporters in the business is something else completely.

And then people talking about the fact that he played the race card. Well, aside from being black and famous what else do these two men have in common? Do they even sound alike? Do they play similar roles in their movies? Because they certainly do NOT look alike. What part of Sam Rubin’s brain could possibly have been malfunctioning?   Of course, SLJ could have played the gracious and benevolent celebrity. More specifically he could have been the ever smiling sambo, easy going, and care free; or the mystical negro, the friend, forgiving of all slights, understanding of those who misunderstand and prejudge. (Morgan Freeman has dibs on that character by the way)

But he didn’t. He got pissed off and set the record straight, and there’s nothing scarier to the delicate sensibilities of the American public than the sight of an angry black man.

Anger, righteous and earned or otherwise is something you don’t exactly get to show as a black person living in the US. Your stature in society, your education, your track record of being a nice enough person to be around melts away like butter on a hot spoon. You’re not just an angry person. You’re an angry black person. That carries a different connotation.

This takes me back to the Richard Sherman brouhaha. Brothers can’t win in this thing.

 I’ll write about being black and angry in America one of these days.

For my non pidgin-speaking peeps:

Wuna helep me. > Somebody help me.

Na the broking teeth? > Is it the gap tooth?

Or na the occasional corobo wey dem two di wear? > Or is itthe fact that they both sometimes are completely bald

This one pass me. > I can’t figure this one out

One thought on “Rant Break: Samuel L. Jackson Looks Like Laurence Fishburne?

  1. All I can say on this one is that he SLJ didn't have to make a big deal about it. But in his defense, it gets pretty old when people confuse you for someone else. Case in point: “are you Lela?” (lol… I don't think we look that much alike).


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