Conversations With A Fellow African Colleague

After pleasantries and the requisite lighthearted mocking of our countries of origin

Him: So are you married?
Me: Nope.
Him: (looking a little shocked) Why? How old are you?
Me: (looking a little miffed) I’m 26. Getting married is not actually a priority right now.
Him: (with the knowing nod) Aaaah, you’re still young. There is time.
Me: Is that so? It’s not marriage for marriages sake oh!
(I then launched into a mini lecture about how this pressure on African women to marry was unhealthy and unnecessary)
Him: See, you shouldn’t talk like that, men will be afraid to approach you if they hear you talking like that.
Me: (side eye)

#The StruggleContinues

One thought on “Conversations With A Fellow African Colleague

  1. That last response was just daft to say the least..see you shouldn't say that.. How condescending!!


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