If being gay was a choice…

One of the most perplexing arguments I have heard against homosexuality is the fact that it is a choice. That homosexuals choose to be that way.

Ummm…. OK.

Let’s break this down for a second.

So it’s a choice. Well, dear straight ( I assume) reader, when did you face that critical moment of decision in your life when the options were:  1. Straight and 2. Gay… and you chose straight? Or is this choice faced only by the people who end up choosing to be gay? In which case, maybe they were just meant to be gay to begin with?

Also, think about it. If the choice between straight and gay was something that everyone faced, I am willing to bet all my worldly possessions (not much by the way) that the world would be a very different place today. First of all, homosexuality wouldn’t even be an issue because the potential for it is something we all would face at some point in our lives (its a choice, yeah?). It would be totally normal for some to choose gay and some straight. Just like some choose to have kids and some don’t. And some choose to become doctors and some teachers. Heck, choosing gay could very well have become the cooler thing to do if it happened that gay people tended to have the things that were desirable.

Secondly, who in their right mind, given the strong human tendency towards survival, would willingly choose the lifestyle that could mean their death in some places ? Who would want the pain and emotional and psychological trauma that is associated with being gay in today’s world? Seriously? Stop and consider the lengths people go to to avoid negative consequences. We who undertake all other kinds of crazy endeavours just to fit in. It just does not make sense.

Next, there would likely be way more gay people than there are now. Hold on…. bear with me here…. Let me finish.

Men and women are different. Many problems arise in relationships and marriages because men and woman and different. So different, in fact, it is almost as if we are from different planets sometimes (Mars and Venus, I believe they are.) So, if there was a point where you got to choose the gender with whom you formed romantic and potentially lifetime attachments, what are the odds people would gravitate towards others of the same gender, who they would likely understand?  Underneath all the social conditioning, the basic biological drives are the same. The hormones, developmental trajectories…same.  What are the odds a girl will most likely understand the way another girl is feeling or the way she does things or approaches life? Or guys other guys? How many people, tired of looking for love in one gender would simply switch to another? Or over the course of a lifetime switch between one and the other?

Children, you say? Guys, human beings figured out what plants were safe to eat and which weren’t, Spread all over the surface of the earth mostly on foot, built the pyramids and the Great Wall of China, fought massive wars, conquered diseases, and put a man on the moon without the technology we have today. I’m sure we would have figured out a way to deal with that.

Choice? I think not.

Eh heh... Tell me what you think!

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