Got Science? – UPDATE

OK, let’s delve into this…

What is believed to be the  Scientific Report is below. It is very easy to read and rather straight forward.

Take a moment to look for yourself.

The only thing I see stated with any degree of certainty in this document is that nobody knows why some people tend towards homosexual behavior.  It does make some noteworthy points.

1. Homosexuality is not something Western culture is imposing on us. Africans are not homosexual because they are copying the West. 

Excerpt :

Homosexuality existed in Africa way  before the coming of the white man. However, most African cultures controlled sexual practices, be them heterosexual or homosexual, and never allowed exhibitionistic sexual behavior. Almost universally, they contained homosexual practices to such  a point that overt homosexuality was almost unheard of.

Emphasis on OVERT. It never went away. It always has been and always will be there whether there is a death penalty or not.

2. The African aversion to sexual exhibitionism applies to both orientations: Gay and Straight

The present fad of sexual exhibitionism, both heterosexual and homosexual is alien and repugnant to most African cultures.

I do not understand why so much vitriol is thrown at homosexuality in the name of African values. Growing up, I hardly remember any overtly sexual scenes on national TV. Kissing or touching in public was frowned upon whether or not you were married. We got kicked out of the room if kissing came on TV. Today, African music videos, commercials and movies are just as full of  sexual imagery without legislation being enforced to crack down on them. Sex sells in Africa just as much as it does in the West. Where are the laws to legislate this? Where are the fines for putting kissing in your movie or video? Because of adultery men bring diseases home to their wives and women to their husbands. Families get destroyed. Where is the death penalty for that? Where is the 14 years in prison for promoting safe sex? Or the prison term for sex outside of marriage? Are those not also against our African values? Where were African values when the Cameroonian government passed laws banning tight jeans and short skirts and we all asked “What the hell?” Uganda had one of the worst HIV?AIDS prevalences in the world, without homosexuality being legal in the country. A massive campaign led by Museveni himself, pushed the idea of safe sex and distributed condoms. Where were African values regarding sex then? 
3. Homosexuality is NORMAL. It is not a disease or an aberration. 

Thus also in sexuality, there are spectrum of sexual behaviours. Some people are less fixed in form of sexuality than others. Thus sexuality is a far more flexible human quality  than used  to be assumed in the past, demonstrating the biological variability within the human race.

Sure, the cultural context influences it’s acceptability and the current cultural context in Africa is one where it is not tolerated, but paradigm shifts must occur in accordance with the shifting sands of time. It used to be that homosexuals in Africa could not speak up, but now they can and they are. There was a time when being a smart, educated career woman was culturally unacceptable. There was a time when choosing your own husband was culturally unacceptable. There was a time when killing twins and albino’s for no other reason than that they came in pairs or  looked different was culturally acceptable. Many of us girls clench our thighs together and grimace when we think of female genital mutilation but there was a time when it was(and in certain parts of Africa it is still)  culturally acceptable. To paraphrase Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, the culture does not make the people, the people make the culture. 
 People tend to think homosexual and think of the exhibitionist and flamboyant ones who seek attention. (The same way as people think black in America and think of Hiphop/Rap culture, which represents only a fraction of black society) Not all homosexuals are cross dressing, attention seeking degenerates. Matter of fact, many gay are respectable professionals who you wouldn’t even know were gay if it wasn’t mentioned. More than anything else, they want to be left alone. The more we make rules to criminalize them, the more they will fight back. It’s basic physics. To every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

What frustrates me is the fact that we hide behind tradition and culture and African values to oppress a group of people over something they really have very little control over even while we ourselves labor under the weight of being  black people, something we have no control over either. 

Our leaders shake their fists in defiance at western countries over homosexuality and we crow with support, forgetting the injustices that they inflict on us. Today Museveni is a hero and he has certainly done many things for Uganda. Do not get me wrong. However, everyone seems to have forgotten that he’s been president since 1986, removed the limit on presidential terms even after criticizing the practice by other African leaders.  Uganda is reported to have a 62% unemployment rate. 
We forget that he confirmed the Public Order Management Bill — a bill which limits freedom of assembly, pushes media censorship and the persecution of democratic opposition and ordered the invasion of the DRC in 1998, as if that country didn’t have enough trouble of it’s own. The American fundamentalist christian organization, The Fellowship, hails him as their key man in Africa which is ironical seeing as he is setting himself up as the African leader who is resisting western influence. We dance in the streets and thumb our noses at the West when our leaders pass laws that feed into our delusion that they care about us and then beg the West to help when the same leaders turn around and spit in our faces.
I di wait man wey e go open e mop call on the international community for intervene again when some African crisis wukop.
I hope every single African who supports this law encounters a friend or a family member who is gay, especially the ones who call themselves Christians and still support laws like this. You better be ready to turn that loved one in for them to face whatever punishment your country has whether life in prison or death or you will be harboring a criminal and breaking the law yourself. Religious beliefs are neither inherent nor genetic. I also hope no one has a problem if a president decides to outlaw certain churches, especially the non denominational ones, after considering the psychological and financial havoc some clergy and pastors and their followers wreak on communities and families.

2 thoughts on “Got Science? – UPDATE

  1. You know someting?..I am a die hard patriotic Cameroonian,African.I just tumbled upon ur blog by chance and since u had some interesting articles,decided to visit often and encourage u.
    Your opinion about this homosexual thing is wayyy out of line i don`t even know where or how to begin point by point.However,one thing is for sure,i will not be coming back here again.Ever.And by the way,if i have a homosexual relative,yes i would turn him/her in.
    Are u a homosexual?


  2. My brother/sister,

    The same door that was open to let you in here is still open to let you out. If you are incapable of putting your thoughts down and forming a coherent argument to defend your views, then this is not the right blog for you.


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