Talk Ya True!

I was seating on this blog post, planning to publish sometime this weekend (I should be studying, dammit!). Recent alleged events in BHS Buea, however, have made it such that this has to get off my mind now.

So apparently, in deeply moral and religious Cameroon, that land of strongly held African values where homosexuals must be nailed to the cross, it is OK for the authorities of a religious school to stand by and watch a mob beat a man to death for the inconceivable crime of visiting his ( girlfriend? ) in her dorm.

Jesus and all our esteemed tribal ancestors would be so proud.

It’s things like this that make me question if the people who are the first to claim “African Values” and “Religion” and “Morals” when trying to defend some opinion of theirs, really stop to think about the society they live in. But then if there is a crime us Cameroonians/Africans tend to be guilty to the highest order of, it is that of intellectual dishonesty.

There is nothing on earth that irritates me more than intellectual dishonesty. This refers to the intentional omission of or failure to ponder upon facts and other relevant information when they do not support one’s hypothesis or viewpoint. What grinds my gears even more is when the person in question claims ignorance when they are called out.

It speaks of a mental and moral laziness which IMHO is very  pervasive in our communities. A willingness to look the other way even when faced with glaring wrongdoing. To cry the victim when confronted with our own failures.

I am hardly 100% morally upright and I lay claim to no religion at this point.

But I refuse to be silent faced with such ridiculousness.

We must to must talk wa true, first for we sef sef if we go ever see change for that we contri. (We must be honest with ourselves, if we are to change anything)

We do this to ourselves.

2 thoughts on “Talk Ya True!

  1. Apparently, some guy was found in the girl's dormitories of BHS. Whether he came to see someone or to steal is unknown but the story is that the principal let the boys at the school beat him to death.,59787,@,cameroon-buea-baptist-school-students-beat-youngster-to-death-principal-teacher-.html


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