An African City S1 E3 Recap : An African Dump

So Nana Yaa has the apartment and is settling into  life in Ghana with her posse. Works going good, friends are solid, time to find the guy yeah? First before I proceed, them outfits tho…

Having It All

The modern girl wants to have it all…but can she? The Dream Job? Probably. If she is willing to go after it with all she has. Financial Stability? Again, if she is willing to do what is necessary and put in the work, why not. Great friends? Sure. If she can be one too. Great Boyfriends, great sex, great love ? Eeeeeeehhhhh… It gets iffy here. Well, not for sex. Great sex really doesn’t require a great boyfriend or a great love, does it? Errrm…I digress. Hehehe!

This is the dilemma that our ladies find themselves in. Young and successful in the city. Jobs? Check. Financial stability? Check (apparently, financial independence makes you undesirable to some men). Great Friends? Check times 4 for each of them. Great boyfriends? Nope. Well except for Sade. My girl stays bawsing!

Just One Thing

It’s not like the girls are lacking in suitors. From every account they are exactly the kinds of women that young, talented and successful African men would want and there are men. Just men who snore, and who sweat and who take dumps. When I first watched this episode I was a little exasperated. I mean come on. I felt like they were nitpicking unnecessarily and I shaded all of them on my Facebook.  But at the same time I know I have ended budding relationships on arbitrary and quite honestly silly rules. Like the guy who once texted me a picture… of his bicep (An unimpressive one at that. Seriously if you’re going to text me pics, make ’em good…wink wink…Not that! Bad pikin them! Hahaha! ) What I came to realize was that deep inside, I knew that things would not have worked out either way. The issue I found fault with was just something I latched onto to give myself a reason not to feel bad for breaking up. The flip side is, it makes one seems so shallow. If I really liked the guy, I’ll probably laugh my ass off if he farted in front of me or announced that he needed to take a dump. Also, I’d  make recordings of his snoring so I can play back and laugh my ass of even more, maybe upload to his phone and change his ring tone without him knowing? Hehehe!

That being said, I talked this over with a couple of friends and the consensus seemed to be that in the first couple of months of the relationship, some things need not to be known. My question is, at what point is it ok for a guy to really feel free enough not to worry that one time he takes a dump wouldn’t ruin all the sexiness he’s been bringing your way? I mean look at this yumminess!

I’ll try some of that, please. You can add the sweat and snores on the side with a sprinkling of Salt n Pepa.

Introducing Segun

So we finally get to meet the One Who Brought Her Back. (Notice how she didn’t feel even the least bit self conscious that he literally walked in on her making the most obnoxious sounds possible?)

I can’t wait to hear the history here. He looks like he has some things he wants to say himself. Can I just say that I wasn’t quite feeling the chemistry?  The activation energy wasn’t quite as high as I had hoped. Not enough increase in entropy. I saw lingering looks and longing gazes but not enough feeling behind those looks. I want to see fayah!

Anyway, moral of the story?

If, on day one, the thought of him pooping doesn’t make you chuckle, it’s not love.

10 thoughts on “An African City S1 E3 Recap : An African Dump

  1. in all chgx men like wrapper. it amazes me SICity and ACity dn't address ur ex married to ur friend, classmate, same circle, mutual acquaintance. all the girl codes r broken in desperation for a mate / partner. reality check.


  2. Hi Anonymous!

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Interesting you mention the girl code and the relationship etiquette like not dating a friend's ex. I have to wonder though, should we pass up on the chance to be with someone who really compliments us and brings happiness because her/she dated a friend/classmate/someone in our circle/mutual acquaintance? Does that suddenly make a guy/girl unfit for a relationship? What is more important? Keeping the code or finding contentment?


  3. When I watched this episode, I was like an African Dump? Seriously? hahaha. You are right though, if you really like a guy there are some things don't bother and can tolerate.Lol at making recordings of his snoring and changing his ring tone! ..Not sure if there is any clear cut “feeling free” starts here point in relationships..It depends on the 2 people involved. Can they “Segun” pronounce well??.Sorry that is one of my pet peeves..The characters and story lines need more depth….It is just about men men and more men..


  4. ehm to each their own. that's one of the calamities of not courting before bed hopping like these women portray.
    What am trying to say some will buy the illusion these women portray. Meanwhile the reality is painful.
    We leave in the New norm: it's ok to be self centred and unaccountable…. Cry victim when immorality bites u.


  5. about the pronouncing names. I think that's taking too far. a moi! it shldn't even be listed as a pet peeve. These pple are portraying returnees definitely their accent has to also play in how they pronounce names. That's part of the culture. I get it and don't make a fuss about pronunciation.
    I am very sure some pple point out on when u speak the dialect. so it's expected those who grew up in the city will have a different accent to those in the village.
    But my pet peeve is the Ashawoooooo story line. being that these storylines are based on true stories. Seriously the guy being disrespectful throwing the condom. in Nana Ya apartment! That says a lot on how the woman is perceived. Men talk a lot and they make sure their circle is tight.
    Rather than these girls crying victim and being unaccountable they need to first of all heal themselves. Stop buying the bulshit of being a loose woman.
    True more in depth storyline needed.


  6. I'm still not following your point. Obviously you feel strongly enough about the girl code to have brought it up. Surely you have more to say than “to each their own” ? (And if it truly was “to each their own” then why bring it up ? Hmmm?

    And what illusion is it that these women are portraying? That African women have sex? Have sex before marriage? Have multiple sex partners? Date a lot of men? Or the illusion that those things happen in the quest for a partner? What exactly constitutes courting and how long should it happen for before sex is allowed? Is the reality then that the only way to secure a husband is to keep your legs shut? Since they all seem interested in finding husbands/partners should they not be having sex at all with the men they meet on that search? In which case why are we not exhorting men to keep their dicks in their pants as they search for wives/partners? I don't want a used up man either…

    I'd also like for youto talk more on this “immorality bites you” thing. So is their seeming inability to find suitable partners linked to the fact that they will sleep with some of the them they date? Again, that seems to suggest that they would find good men easier and faster if they were not sleeping with some of these men.

    Help me understand, dear anonymous.


  7. Interesting that you would blame culture and the fact that they are returnees for their accents but still hold them to African standards for sexuality. I'm not sure what continent you are on but I can assure you women in the West have a very, very different perspective on sexuality and the expression there of. Isn't it to be expected that these girls adhere more to the western standards (Ashawoo as you put it) of sexuality than the African standards? Them being returnees and all? I don't see the men turning down the sex either.

    And what African standards are we talking about? Are you suggesting that African women from every shade and background and creed don't engage in sex? You do realize that Female Genital Mutilation was/is one of Africa's ways of trying to stop women from enjoying sex enough to actively pursue it right? Because only women can spread disease and have children indiscriminately or break the moral fiber of society.

    Who are they supposed to be accountable to?


  8. sorry my dear. It's morality…. Christian values not African values. we turn to copy without reflecting on the effect….


  9. The only person on that show who so far has made a declaration about spiritual belief is Ngozi. If one is not exactly Christian why should one be held to Christian standards? I believe homosexuals are normal, should I think of one who doesn't as a bad person? This judgement thing goes both ways you know.


  10. gbam! i think the accent thing is pretentious. they were supposed to have spent time in GH before leaving for yankee. that aside, the storylines need to be tighter. that littering Nanaa Yaa's place with condoms was unconvincing.
    As for the 'ashawo' behaviour, I see that as sexual liberation. I actually quite like that they can pick and choose their men. I just wish the stories would be a tad more complex and that their characters could be more whole and use that power and success to break new ground.



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