An African City S1 E4 Recap: A Customs Emergency

Or better yet a case of female sexual frustration. You see… Sade just wants her vibrator. Like she really, really wants her vibrator.This episode cracked me up a little because Sade is so unapologetic about being who she is (pastor’s daughter no less) and Ngozi is as  still as sweet and innocent as undriven snow. They better have some salacious story line for her! (and if they do, DO NOT TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS!!!)

Anyway, Sade is obsessively strategizing on how to negotiate the release of her Battery Operated Boyfriend from the evil grip of typical African customs (a terrorist group in their own league). I read the Youtube  comments under this episode because I was curious to see how people reacted to the episode and there were more people upset about the stereotyping of Nigerians and bad portrayal of corrupt customs officials, than there were about the topic of vibrators. Perhaps this is a reflection of the demographic that watches the show, but can I say progress? I was expecting a shit storm of condemnation. 
I can imagine many of my African sisters squirming with a little discomfort, or burning with mild curiosity on the topic of vibrators… I’ll direct your curiosity to the blog Adventures From the Bedrooms of African Women. As fun as that would be, I don’t want to delve too deeply into blogging about sex education.

So any way, Sade really just wants B.O.B and she is not above begging and bribing to get it back. The customs officer’s idiocy would be funny if it wasn’t too real. Let me take a moment to rant about these peeps and others like them.We’re all familiar with the government officials. The ones who are aware of the power they yield and will make sure you don’t forget either. The self importance, the pomp and grandeur. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they actually took their jobs seriously. The sad thing is, we know this is how the system operates and if you have connections and “uncles” you can get by with returning intimidation for intimidation. If you don’t have connections, adjust your budget accordingly. Interesting how we complain about corruption but so effortlessly perpetuate it, right? As long as we get what we want in the end. 

(Sidenote: So they’re really trying to make us believe that customs officer did not notice that the “back massager” looks like an alien’s dick ? Hehehehe!)

All that being said, I am a little off put by Makena’s character. She has a guy who seems to really be into her but she wants to end things because she doesn’t want to seem desperate and needy…? The logic doesn’t make sense. Perhaps one of y’all can explain it to me.

And the age old trope of women putting each other down while competing over men. I understand that  Nana Yaa is still in love with Segun and her friends want to be supportive. But does that necessitate putting another woman down? Will shit talking Segun’s new girl friend change Nana Yaa’s predicament?


Oh and look what I found, a deliciously salacious and perfectly respectable academic paper about the sexual practices of the Zande people in the Central African Republic. See here. Put that in your “Homosexuality is not African” pipes and smoke it.

Eh heh... Tell me what you think!

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