You’re Still Not Ready for this Jelly…

Dear Vogue,

Big butts have been a thing of beauty for black African people for a very long time. They have also been a thing of fascination since the discovery of the black African race, except, they were exhibited and reviled as freakish by white European men, spawning centuries of black women being disparaged and shamed for a feature as integral to them as their very limbs. This attitude is still prevalent up till today.

Remember Sara Baartman?

No, of course you do not. History only matters when it’s revisionist.

My gene derived body parts are not a fashion accessory. They are not a trend which come and go with the seasons and facillitated by cosmetic surgery (Don’t let that Nicki fool you). It’d be really great if you recognized that, otherwise, you are not ready for this jelly.
Update 09/30/2014

I gave up and bought a pair of khaki colored trousers (pants for my American readers) from Target recently. Not really a remarkable event, except for the fact that I literally gave up and bought this pair. See, I have been searching for khaki colored  trousers that fit and flatter, whose purchase would not mean I can’t eat for the next week. The few I have owned I almost always end up throwing away in frustration because they never fit just quite right.

If you’re a black woman with a butt, you probably know what I am talking about. Trousers from most stores are not designed with black women’s often ample derrieres in mind. What this means is that we have to trade off between getting pants that fit around the waist but are so tight around the hips, they flatten our butts into what can only be described as cake that has refused to rise, Or  they fit around the hips but it’s no mans land around the waist. And when you try to fix with a belt, it looks like you’re trying to prevent your trousers from escaping. 

I bristle every time I wear these new pants and put on my belt. I bristle every time I see the fabric scrunch up around my waist, reminding me that I had to buy a size bigger so my ass would fit.

So the question is how come fashion consistently missed this simple observation – the fact that black women have bigger butts – for all these decades? But now want to celebrate the big butt as though is is a recently discovered thing?

Oh and let’s not forget the question men dread answering because they know saying yes could result in them not getting laid “Does this make my butt look fat?” 

I wonder if it will now become a compliment to say yes…

This is an ongoing rant. Revisit for updates as this mess unfolds.

2 thoughts on “You’re Still Not Ready for this Jelly…

  1. Completely right on this one. We should end up with Diktats on beauty. Always a pleasure stopping through and just so you know, I have nominated you to the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. Yes, you do inspire me. Read more here Cheers!!!


  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you! And you are right about diktats. They never end.


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