The Lunch Date Pt 7.1

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Iya stared at the pink yes on the pregnancy test in disbelief and horror. “I can’t be pregnant, ” she muttered to herself. “Oh my God, I can’t be pregnant. Not now. Not like this. I can’t bring a child into the world in this mess.” First she’d thought the more frequent panic attacks, queasiness and tiredness had been as a result of the emotional turmoil she was under. She hadn’t even thought about her missed periods because those were side effects of her pill. When her nipples had started getting tender and she’d had to leave several meeting to throw up, she’d called her PCP for a quick phone consult and Dr. Altpeter had immediately asked her if she could be pregnant. She refused adamantly but the good doctor had insisted she checked, just in case, before scheduling an appointment.  She’d scheduled the appointment anyway but ended up stopping at Walgreen’s to buy a test on her way home. 

She and Sebastian were always careful and she was on the pill. There was no logical explanation as to why she would be pregnant right now. And yet she here she sat in the bathroom of her and Max’s home, the test quietly mocking her certainty. 

Her phone buzzed with an incoming call. She knew it was Sebastian. He’d been very concerned about her when she left the office earlier than usual today and had insisted she go to his town house in Hyde Park. She’d chosen to go home instead. She quickly discarded the test, washed her hands, dried them and answered the phone. He would not stop calling until he got an answer.

“Hey…Are you alright?” He still sounded concerned.

“Yeah… I’m fine.” She said. “I just got home.”

“Did you schedule the appointment?”

“I did. It’s for next Friday.”

“Ok, do you want me to come with you?”

Iya paused. She had not expected him to ask. She might have said yes, but given that this appointment would now have to be for a sonogram for a baby which was likely his, she wasn’t sure. They’d talked about children back when they had been young and in love but that had been so long ago. Was this something he’d still want?

And Max… Oh Lord…Max.What was she going to tell Max?

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One thought on “The Lunch Date Pt 7.1

  1. Chaiii..this story is killing me!!Why am just seeing this? LOL


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