Dueling Poets: A Conversation

So things got pretty epic on my Facebook page yesterday. My friend True Lion apparently possessed by the spirits of Kwesi Brew, Mbella Sone Dipoko and Lord Byron unleashed some lines of poetry on us all. Not one to let things go without a comeback  (I no go carry last for palaver iambic pentameter), yours truly responded in kind. Here’s what resulted.


True Lion

Double standard.
You say no to Africa
Yet you say Africans don’t like you
You put Africa in a box
Label it, Hunger
Label it, Poverty
Yet you say Africans don’t like you
You colonize Africa
Suck the living hell out of her
Spray her with debt in the name of AIDS
Yet you wonder,why
Why she hates you
Africa was born free
But Everywhere in chains
With everlasting scars all over her body,SLAVERY
But yet you wonder…..
Sitting on this fence called “my position”
I wonder what plans her youth has for the future
For greed has failed us
With leaders dying on the throne
Leaving no real channel of communication


Palava Woman 

You say no to the America’s wiles
Yet, you want America to validate you, save you
You put America on a pedestal
Label it, Freedom
Label it, Heaven
Yet you say America looks down on you
You abandon your homes for America
Sacrifice your integrity to get to America
Give her money in the name of visa fees
Yet you wonder why
Why she laughs at you
America was born guilty
Her history painted in blood
Blood like yours
With everlasting scars all over her body
But yet you wonder…
Sitting on this fence called “my position”
I wonder what plans her masses have for our future
For our sense of entitlement will fail us
With people unwilling to lift a finger
Leaving Africa powerless. 

True Lion 

I don’t buy it
Never will pay for it.
Shots taken on African men
Shots Not founded at all
It’s the opposite
Might not be the way you accustomed to
Just a different way of approach
Just a different way of loving
Actions, not just words
Actions, not just words.
Daddy a care giver
Never used the L word frequently
Never wore the L word on his mouth
But his actions all about loving
Actions, not just words
Actions, not just words
Action gets a make over
Action dresses up the L word
The evolution of an African daddy

Palava Woman

I won’t carry it
Never will bend over for it
Burdens imposed on African women
Burdens not deserved at all
It’s the opposite
Might not be the way you accustomed to
Just a different way of approach
Just a different way of living
Actions, not just words
Action, not just words
Mummy, liberated.
Never used the F word frequently
Never wore the F word on her mouth
But her actions all about living free
Actions, not just words
Actions, not just words
Action gets a make over
Action dresses up the F word
The evolution of an African mummy 

True Lion  

Can’t fight it
So I stand by it
Can’t ignore it
So I embrace it

       Knowledge to acquire
       Knowledge we require 
       So I embrace it 

I keep asking,
Are we on rebate?
Why Carry yourself so low
Why we living in ignorance? 

Come join the ranks
Knowledge is power
Knowledge is to be acquired
Knowledge we require

And then it got even better because our awesome friends decided to get in on the fun. 

Kangsen Mpaco Masango

The interjection from left field,
On thoughts of the killer and killed,
Had us wondering what would be so different,
If the sheep had the butchers knife to wield.
It will be the same,
We’d still the the bleating butcher is insane.
We’d know he is corrupted and power is to blame,
Because power is the name of the game.
If the good die young Africa would been still born.
If cheaters never prosper , then slavery would have never been born.
But man curses and is cursed,
So every man must sing his verse.
Africa’s despots steal her virginity , and neo colonist grant them immunity, 
allowing them to act with impunity and they collectively debase humanity so, 
what’s it to me?
I want to be the verse,
The one that inspires, transpires and conspires to make the soul of man aspire to to better… 
Let’s be better y’all



Now on my lunch break, memories of the treats from him and her still on my mind. Treats of their poetry that teased my brain from the funk of the morning fog that clogged my thoughts and bogged me to slump with a thump. 

I pry my phone open, anticipation heightened, treat or no treat? I scroll, now intrigued, how did this start, what’s the genesis, what did I miss? Need I dig? But whose thread dare I seek?

Ah yes, they didn’t fail me, Pretty & True they hold their pledges through. Yet truth though pretty, does it an animal create? The bubbling roar of the lion makes his point, Beast that he is, will he let Beauty be? 

I feel like a voyeur in their world as they toss and fuss, talk and moan, Beauty & the Beast, their words all true. Pretty Lion, True Beast, in my mind they write till dusk
                                                           – MAH MEKOLLE 

But back to business…


Palava Woman

Don’t fight it
Don’t be crushed by it
Pay attention
See the truth in it

Knowledge will empower
Knowledge will liberate
See the truth in it

I keep saying
Even as I berate
In ward, let the thoughts flow
Introspection will break the trance

I walk the ranks
Knowledge is indeed power
Knowledge that must be acquired

Knowledge will liberate


True Lion

I am on a long wait
Minutes feel like hours
Hours as long as days
My mind is working overtime

Uncertain times
Questionable moments
A recipe for a racing mind,

Pacing mind
Chasing answers
Uncertainty crisp dipper

What the hell
The bells rings
I hit the Dell with questions.
I get answers on my Dell screen

Tough times
Tough love
I hit the nail on the anvil
Never easy to make decisions
Decisions in unfamiliar situations
Paid the cost to be the boss
You are fired

(I be di cut some my small sweet pre-siesta nang) 

Palava Woman

My bed is warm
Hours feel like minutes
Minutes as short as seconds
My body exhausted

Busy times
Hurried moments
A recipe for an exhausted mind

Foggy mind
Checking time
Annoyance, need more sleep

What the hell
The bell rings
I ignore it
Sleep is sweeter

Tough times
Tough love
I shove the phone under a pillow
This decision is easy
Decisions in times of sleep
Never asked to be the boss
Never realized I was hired


True Lion 

Whisper to me
I am in need, in deed

Whisper to me
I can hear you 
No matter how low your tone.
Even in silence 

Whisper to me
I can read your mind,
Your every move
Even in the darkest nights

Can you whisper to me?
I am in need in deed
Those comforting words
The silence breaker
The whispers to me

Palava Woman 
What use is a whisper?
What do you need?
What use is a whisper?
When plainly I can speak?
Low tone? Silence?
Clearly we just met
What use is a whisper?
Wishes and aspirations
Goals set in delusions
Lost in night darker than darkest
Again, what use is a whisper?
What do you think you need?
Words meant to incite
Silence never an option
What’s in a whisper?
Watching closely 
Things just got deeper
But deeply seeming or surface posturing?
They’re off the course 
Now they’re whispering 
Whispers of what, pray tell the Watcher. 
15:00 snack, the 
Watcher watches
He bids her whisper, 
Beauty says never!
Popcorn popping 
The watcher waits, 
Whose turn to speak
But thee make haste!
– MM

Alas, that was it for the night. Palava Woman had not so poetic business to take care of. 

But you know I couldn’t let it go without a Feminist rant, so here’s one for the F club ladies. Woman eh!

Défi Lancé 
Here’s the deal
Let me help you make your choice
Here’s how I feel
Listen to my voice
You can let me be me
You can let me be free
You can give me my space
You can join in my race
But if you purport to lead
If you want to be the hand that feeds
If you want me to “submit”
If you want to play the beat
You better be a pillar
A drummer like no other
You better be the mighty iroko that never falters
Your feeding hand ever strong
Your lead never wrong
Or you can just let me be free
Let me be me
Let me have my space


Join me in my race
I don’t know about you folks, but  that was fun 😀 
We should do it more often.


7 thoughts on “Dueling Poets: A Conversation

  1. I enjoyed the exchange.we had different views and talked about it through poetry


  2. It was lovely! I hope to see more ofyour poetry 🙂


  3. This was awesome. I didn’t want it to end. These are the kind of peotic exchanges that tickle my fancy. Loved it luved it. True lion is doing his thang always. Luv the floetry. Entertaining. Hard to score.


  4. @FindPalavaWoman: This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever come accross on the internet.
    Thumbs up. I find your work soul- stirring. Thank you for putting out your thoughts.


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