Why I’m Marching: Helen N.

Families For Justice

As an immigrant to the U.S , it is easy for me and others like me to forget that the children we bear in this country ultimately are more American than we ever will be and are not immune from the judgments and prejudices which are proving so deadly for black folks around the country. I remember Tamir Rice and Aiyana Stanley-Jones, I remember Trayvon Martin and Rekia Boyd the many others whose deaths have been minimized and excused and justified, as further evidence of the disdain with which black lives are held in this country…and around the world. I am marching with Mothers For Justice on May 9th because I hope for an America and a world where black children can grow and thrive free from these burdens.

About a year ago, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York posted this picture on his Facebook page.

What followed was a…

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