Why am I still single, you ask?
Sit down, let me tell you why.
It’s because I refuse to buy the lie,
I’d much rather pass by.
I’d much rather be alone,
Than let my heart turn to stone,
Because I have to harden it,
Against some fuckers bullshit.

Why am I still single, you ask?
Because I am that girl.
You know… that type of girl,
The one mothers and aunties warn you about.
The one who cannot take care of a man.
You know…the type of man they breed you to be.
Careless, clueless, helpless.

Why am I still single you ask?
Because I am bad ass.
With too much sass, too much brass.
To mess with someone as fragile as spun glass.
A man-child sitting on his lazy ass,
Too scared to take a difficult class.

So why am I still single you ask?
Stay seated, I’m not finished yet.
Because as lonely as I get,
I’ll not let myself forget,
The worst feeling of all: regret,
For all the miscalculated bets.

Image credit: Pinterest


Risqué Verses: Act I

It happens suddenly.

One moment, it’s me and you
In the dark room,
Limbs entangled, breaths harsh and mingled.
Muscles straining, slick with sweat,
Hands grasping, sheets, arm, flesh, anything we can reach,
Sliding friction, sweeter than we last remember.

And then it’s just me,
In my head,
In my body,
Hyper aware,
Your muscles as they flex under my palms
The rasp of your five O clock shadow on my collarbone
The strain in my thighs,
The arch in my back,
The curl in my toes,
The driving rhythm you’ve set,
It knocks the breath out of me with each pulse.

My eyes squeeze shut,
I scramble to keep pace,
Eager to please.
I feel faint, yet alive.
I feel my body as my own,
And yet I know,
That in this moment,
You own me.
How do you do this?
Pull me out?
Then drive me so deep into myself?

Can I trust it?
This abandon that comes so easily with you.
Can I trust it?
This surrender, this yielding, this freedom.
Can I trust it?
This headlong jump over a cliff, this dive into the deep.
Can I trust it?

Can I?

You’re so attuned,
You know you’ve lost me.
Your hand snakes into my braids,
Grasps and pulls,
My neck arches
“Open your eyes…”
I comply.
“Where do you go?”
I don’t reply.
“Stay with me.”
Your lips brush my forehead.
“Trust me…”

Can I?

River Call

Sailor man, think hard.
Before you set sail on my waters,
Think hard.
Chart your course, stock your supplies,
Secure your anchor, mend your sails,
Know your destination,
Before you set sail on my waters.

Know my tides, sailor.
Before you set sail on my waters,
Know my tides.
Learn my ripples, study my meanders,
Understand my rapids, my tributaries and confluences,
Know my depth, sailor.
Because heaven help you when you set sail on my waters.

Image credit: Artist Singh, http://fineartamerica.com/featured/the-river-woman-artist-singh.html