Risqué Verses: Act I

It happens suddenly.

One moment, it’s me and you
In the dark room,
Limbs entangled, breaths harsh and mingled.
Muscles straining, slick with sweat,
Hands grasping, sheets, arm, flesh, anything we can reach,
Sliding friction, sweeter than we last remember.

And then it’s just me,
In my head,
In my body,
Hyper aware,
Your muscles as they flex under my palms
The rasp of your five O clock shadow on my collarbone
The strain in my thighs,
The arch in my back,
The curl in my toes,
The driving rhythm you’ve set,
It knocks the breath out of me with each pulse.

My eyes squeeze shut,
I scramble to keep pace,
Eager to please.
I feel faint, yet alive.
I feel my body as my own,
And yet I know,
That in this moment,
You own me.
How do you do this?
Pull me out?
Then drive me so deep into myself?

Can I trust it?
This abandon that comes so easily with you.
Can I trust it?
This surrender, this yielding, this freedom.
Can I trust it?
This headlong jump over a cliff, this dive into the deep.
Can I trust it?

Can I?

You’re so attuned,
You know you’ve lost me.
Your hand snakes into my braids,
Grasps and pulls,
My neck arches
“Open your eyes…”
I comply.
“Where do you go?”
I don’t reply.
“Stay with me.”
Your lips brush my forehead.
“Trust me…”

Can I?

2 thoughts on “Risqué Verses: Act I

  1. I am in love with the image you paint in my mind. The sweetness of the merger, the doubt of the act and the faint ‘distrust’ in the air. The mingling bittersweet. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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