The Way of Fire 

If you’ve ever felt the flames of romantic love burn out in your heart
Its consuming fire replaced by an intensity, softer but cooler, bright as the stars but possessing of their distant heat,

While fiery embers, alight with fire, red hot lava flowing with power, 

Is what you saw in the eyes of your lover,

Then you know the way of fire 

You see, dear one. You’re both fires. 

Sometimes it is you who burns. 

Sometimes it is you who is put out. 

That is the way of fire

One thought on “The Way of Fire 

  1. This is so beautiful and sums up what I am feeling. It is uplifting and exciting when you are on fire and in love with someone. And is so hard when your fire is put out. You miss it and want it to come back but also have to learn to accept that right now you are put out. You are not radiant right now, but that’s ok because ashes are still useful.


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