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You dehumanize your wives
You beat them
Some of you force yourselves on them
A man can’t rape his wife, can he?
You humiliate her with your mistresses
Mock her devotion with your other children
Endanger her life with the diseases you bring home
Marry, impregnate, abandon at will
Love is a word that drops from your lips
But I’m high strung if I talk about it
I’m unstable if I call out your cowardice
Feminists are evil, right?
But you’re manipulative and controlling
Selfish beyond belief
Emotionally underdeveloped
Spiritually vacant
Morally retarded
Spirit killers
Enemies of life
Thieves of potential
Prison wardens in disguise
Beta men pretending to be alphas
Whatever the hell that means
Broken children emulating broken fathers
That’s not evil
The problem is the women
The same ones who you claim should tell you what to do
The same ones you wouldn’t deign to listen to
Your gods are watching you
All of them
Old and new
There will be a reckoning

The Wrath of God

The Wrath of God is coming you say,
Perhaps God is Gay?
To avenge the chosen, God will be back,
What if God is Black?
To crush the wicked and tame the wild,
Perhaps God is a Child?
To bring peace and save man,
What if God is a Woman?
God can do this because God is able,
Perhaps God is Disabled?
Space in your heart to God you grant,
Does that make God an Immigrant?
What if this God is what you say?
I really hope  not.
Because if we’re ALL created in “his” image
Then we’re royally fucked.

Domestic Conflict

And then the day came
When I refused my lover sex
There was no trouble
I wasn’t angry with him
No be palava vex
Life was just its normal turbulent self
And I simply did not feel like it
His hints I gently disapproved
When he cajoled, I stayed unmoved
And when he asked
I straight up said no
Again and again
And again and again
And it got really complex
I could have given in
Put the pussy on him
Faking ecstasy is easier than most realize
All I have to do is close my eyes
It would have made him happy
Preserved the harmony
But would it have been truth?
Does truth matter anymore?
Even when it hurts?
Especially when it hurts?
He was confused
Frustrated, angry even
I was confused
Frustrated, angry even
And turbulent life around us made it no easier
And still I said no
Because I didn’t want to
And it wasn’t his fault
He wanted something
Something our decision to be with each other gives him access to
I was exercising something
Something my existence on this planet gives me a right to
Something that no one can
Or should try to take away from me
Or him,
Or you for that matter
It is your prerogative
To not have sex when you don’t want to
To have all the sex you can
When you want to
If you can find a willing partner to safely do it with
And if the complexities of this dynamic
Are too much for you to navigate
If you can’t respect the spaces people carve out for themselves
If you can’t respect the spaces your own being demands that you create for yourself
Then you probably shouldn’t be having sex too