Obaa Boni Is Ugly Nti Deɛn? Embracing The Subversive As Liberation

Asaase Yaa Mma

abuse 5I could be the ugliest, most grotesque women on the earth and I would still be the flyest muthafucker breathing. Because I am brilliant, I am bold, I am relentless, ungovernable, unsociable, and an intentionally molded human archetype of Maame Wata herself. Chale, I just dey be kɛkɛ. Feminists are Ugly? So fuckin’ what? The looks of  feminists are completely irrelevant to the global movement for equitable social conditions.  It is about time the focus on women shifted from whether our bodies aesthetically appeal to men, to what we contribute to this world as people. Not everyday self-worth because you fit into arbitrary social standards of beauty. Not everyday self-worth because of the opinions of random bald men on the…

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