Wind of Change

They say a wind of change is blowing
And I cannot disagree
But change means very different things
I had to ask the wind

Of course, I blow
The Grand Dame said
Nothing is, otherwise
But change means very different things
What would you have me be?

At that, I paused
A little unsure
Too big a question for me
I know the wind can energize
But also pulverize

Whatever it is
Whatever you bring
Oh please don’t let it be
A wind that carries on its breath
The scent of death and waste

the apocalypse we fear

the apocalypse we fear

will not come from Divine retribution

will not involve gods coming down

on fiery clouds, sickle in hand

judgement on the agenda

and for us mortals

heaven or hell the destination


the apocalypse we fear

will come and trust it will

because we have forgotten

the principles

that we may balance them

and the laws that govern this realm

that we may mind them


does not everything on this realm

come from the same origin?

the Spirit of which sings softly in our ears?

what creature can consume itself and live?

do we not see the imprint?

in high forms as in low?

if it obtains in the cosmos

surely on earth, won’t it do same?


does not everything have an opposite?

what swings left, will it not also swing right?

and if it swings far left enough

will it not with mighty force swing right

destroying all in its path?

what rises up, does it not come down?

and if it rises high enough

what a great fall it will be!


does not all matter vibrate?

ask your friendly scientist

do all causes not have effects?

and effects their causes?

do we and all created things

masculine, as feminine

not follow the rhythms of life?


the apocalypse we fear

will come

because we have abandoned

the most important principles

that we may balance them

and the greatest law of all

which is love

Gentle Reminder 

White people
The difference 
Between us
Is this
We have
Been tested
In the fires
In the waters
In the pits 
Ripped to bits 
And we’ve come through 
We are coming through
We have forgiven 
Seven times seven
We are healing 
And we shall heal
We are sanctified 
We shall be sanctified
We are free 
We shall be free

But you’re not

Found Treasure 

He fits right

Like that dress you found at the store 

So right you couldn’t believe your eyes when you first saw it

Firm luxurious fabric

Right color and cut

You just know when you touch the material 

That this one

Mmmm Hmm 


Then you try it on and yuuup

He fits juuuuust right

You’re still in a little disbelief

You came to this store

Maybe needing a dress for an important event 

Kinda broke but hey

You what you can get right? 

And then you find this motherfucking jewel  

Or maybe you were just wondering 


Meh, check out clearance

What else to do on a Saturday afternoon

And then bam! 

That dress 

A little rough from being on the hangar for too long 

But you KNOW you can rock it

He fits right

Surprisingly right

Now it might rip on me while I’m at a meeting 

I might need to hold my breath and not eat a lot at that party 

So the zipper holds

It might fall apart after one wash 

And I may only get to wear it once

Shit I might go home and it looks different in my apartments mirrors and lights 

Or it may become my closet staple

My old dependable

The one dress I know I can take on the world with

The one that got me that job

That gave me the courage to talk to that cute boy at the party

Whose seams held me together 

And demanded that I keep my back straight 

When the world weighed so that I slouch   


He fits right

I’m gonna buy it

Mama Africa 

Before I knew the power of my own name

Or learned to hold its fullness in my mouth

You sent me to another home and told me to go

Now you resent me for calling another woman mum

And speaking in a way that offends you
Mama Africa 

The Way of Fire 

If you’ve ever felt the flames of romantic love burn out in your heart
Its consuming fire replaced by an intensity, softer but cooler, bright as the stars but possessing of their distant heat,

While fiery embers, alight with fire, red hot lava flowing with power, 

Is what you saw in the eyes of your lover,

Then you know the way of fire 

You see, dear one. You’re both fires. 

Sometimes it is you who burns. 

Sometimes it is you who is put out. 

That is the way of fire

How to Love and Let Go

And if it is fate 

That we should pass each other like ships in the night

Unaware of each other on this vast expanse of existence 

I hope you sail on, my love

I hope you don’t sink

I hope you find new shores

Perhaps one to call home

It will not have my hearth

Its beds will not have my warmth 

But I hope hearth, warmth and above all Love

Is what you find as you sail away. 

Memories from the pits of despair 

And the world said to me 

Don’t run from me 
Come now

Come close 

Don’t run from me

I am hard to love 

I do not know who I am 

Or where I’m going

I have over six billion thoughts running through my head 

And sometimes I hurt 

And hurt 

And hurt 

But I am also the place where love lives

Heart’s Desire 

To be cherished
To be “beloved”

To be delighted in

To be anticipated 

To be marveled over

To be pleasing to

To be protected 

To be defended 

To be celebrated

To be respected 

To be liberated