The Awakening

It started with an itch

I didn’t give it much thought

Reaching down to rub

The most natural thing in the world.

Alone in my bed

Absentminded, drowsy

Tomorrow is Saturday

Reserved for chores

Corn to grind, spices to find

Cooking, cleaning, njama njama picking

That infernal njama njama picking

A quick scratch to relieve the itch

Then back to the business of sleep.

Coarse hair overlying smooth skin

Time for a trim perhaps?

Memories of Mama’s voice

“Trim but leave some hair” she said

“That will protect it from dirt.”

Fingers linger

Suddenly curious

Protect it from dirt?

But it’s always covered

Protected, never seen

Never mentioned

Except in hushed tones.

It’s mine but I barely know it

I know my face, I know my shape

I know my hands like, well, the back of my hand

But it,  I barely know

This thing so precious, or so I’m told.

Fingers pause

No one is here, no one can see

Across the room, Aunty Neh lies asleep

Surely I can explore

It’s mine after all, isn’t it?

Absentminded rubbing

Coarse hair, thick and wiry

Lush and springy

Folds of skin

Plump and fleshy

What lies beneath?

Fingers move

The red sea parts, Oh…

Another world,

Hills and valleys

Smooth fields

Streams and springs

Deep aquifers from which rivers flow

And a volcano

Of which I’d never known

It pulses and throbs

Its rumbles reach to hills and peaks of other lands

Fingers entranced

Shangri La, found

What wonder, this sensation!

What wonder, this place!

Has it been here all along?

What to see?

What do I do?

Do I climb the hills?

Do I swim in the streams?

Do I dive deep?

Do I dive right in?

Fingers frantic

My God, quakes and tremors…

The volcano!

What’s happening?

It builds

It rises

Through my body

Fire catches

My eyes squeeze shut

Muscles clench


2 thoughts on “The Awakening

  1. Hmm I think you know what I think


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